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YUNTA ( Yoon-tah ) which translates to “FRIEND” is derived from Quechua, the native, ancient language of the Inca Empire of Peru. The yellow sun represents a modern take on the golden sun temple known as ‘Coricancha’ – the most important and influential temple of the Incan empire. The meaning and philosophy of YUNTA is “friends” or “friendship”. The spirit and culture of YUNTA is happiness, gratitude and generosity, all which are engrained in the core of hospitality veterans Randy Garcia and chef Bruno Macchiavello. In 2013, the two restauranteurs opened Viva Chicken, a Peruvian rotisserie concept based in Charlotte, NC that quickly created a cult like following.

Both founders believe YUNTA is the next natural progression of their vision to showcase the variety and depth of Peru's gastronomy, known to be one of the best culinary destinations in the world.


YUNTA is a gastro barra with an industrial, modern vibe located in the heart of South End. Upon entering you will experience an inviting and relaxed atmosphere, providing the perfect backdrop to unwind. Enjoy an experience full of fresh and exciting flavors of Peruvian Nikkei cuisine. Be enchanted by the cosmopolitan atmosphere and an inviting indoor-outdoor flow—which accommodates guests from a sleek flute wood-panel wall to a lush tropical covered terrace.

From Friday to Sunday brunch you can find our finest DJ's spinning behind the DJ booth. The music crescendos as the evening progresses on, creating an atmosphere where guests dine and groove as the venue transforms into a chic high energy experience.

YUNTA aims to be not only a neighborhood mainstay, but also a destination spot for the perfect local getaway. Expect a unique bar-centric experience which will introduce Pisco to the Queen city. Pisco - the national liquor of Peru, is a brandy made from grapes. It allows for a variety of distinctive cocktails, which pairs perfectly with Nikkei cuisine. The menu will evolve over time with seasonal discoveries but will remain loyal to the ingredients and flavors of Peruvian and Japanese cooking.


NIKKEI is a culinary adaptation that originated in Peru more than 100 years ago. During that time, Peru became the first Latin American country to enter into diplomatic relations with Japan. This caused Japanese workers to arrive there in search of work. In preparing their traditional Japanese dishes, they made use of the variety of Peruvian ingredients. These creations formed the perfect integration between Japan's precise culinary techniques and the strong flavors of Peru.

All of our plates are designed to be shared. Our menu offers a barra fria (raw bar) that ranges from ceviches, fresh cuts sashimi style 'tiraditos' (tee-rah-dee-toes), some fun tasty bites like causas and handmade maki rolls and nigiris. We offer vegetarian and non-seafood menu items, therefore no one has to miss out on our Peruvian Nikkei experience.